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Driving Force Club was established in July, 2009. The founders of the club had a vision for a car club that would embrace all exotic and high end sports cars and not be brand specific. To keep the community close-knit and intimate it was decided to implement a referral/approval system for new memberships. A person interested in becoming a DFC member would need to have a referrer who is already a member. This method proved to work very well as the members got to know each other better, become friends, feel safer during the drives knowing who the drivers in the other cars are personally and overall create an atmosphere of positive vibes, fun and camaraderie.

DFC organizes and participates in around 35-50 events per year. There is generally something going on almost every week. The events range from Sunday morning breakfast gatherings, group drives, track days, runway rentals, photoshoots, karting sessions to many social events – brunches, dinners and parties. DFC members also enjoy participating in charity car shows and fundraisers. Every year DFC organizes toy drives to various children’s hospitals including NYU Rusk Rehabilitation Center in NYC, Autism Medical Center in Warren, NJ, Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, NJ and many more.

Currently DFC operates mainly in the NY tristate area. The region has a rich and diverse car culture with plenty of fantastic roads to enjoy. From the Bear Mountain and Catskill twisty roads to wide open New Jersey and Long Island highways, beautiful bridges and a number of tunnels to hear some exhaust music. There are also many world class racetracks – Lime Rock Park in CT, Pocono Raceway in the PA mountains, exclusive Monticello Motor Club in Monticello, NY, Lightning & Thunderbolt tracks in south NJ and a few more.

Well this gives you an idea of what we are about, but if you have any questions and need more information feel free to click on Inquiries above and get in touch.