26Feb, 2017

BullFest|2017 MIAMI Edition

2017’s BullFest|MIAMI kicked off with a Friday night party at E11even in Downtown Miami. The entire parking lot was reserved for Lamborghinis only and was full of them in no time. The group had dinner on the scenic rooftop and then proceeded to party the night away in the club downstairs.

5Jun, 2016

BullFest|2016 New York

In 2009, when BullFest started, 40 Lamborghinis participating in the one-day drive felt like quite the accomplishment. Now, seven years later, BullFest spreads the excitement over an entire weekend, including drives, events, meals, and parties – in New York AND Miami.

28Feb, 2016

BullFest|2016 MIAMI Edition

BullFest|2016 MIAMI Edition took place the weekend of February 28th. Over 100 Lamborghinis from all around US and Canada participated in the 3 day event. The weekend started with a dinner gathering on Friday evening as the participants started arriving in Miami.

17May, 2015

BullFest|2015 New York

The 7th annual BullFest | New York kicked off with 58 Lamborghinis in Alpine, NJ at the famous Stone Mansion. With the colorful bulls parked along a private road, drivers and passengers enjoyed breakfast before embarking on a 100 mile adventure.

1Mar, 2015

BullFest|2015 MIAMI Edition

With bellowing exhausts, iconic bodywork, and searing rainbow hues, nothing quite fits the supercar moniker like a Lamborghini.  Seeing just one on the street is a rare treat, but when dozens of Lambos unite, it can only be the circus of rolling wonderment that is BullFest.

18May, 2014


6th annual BullFest kicked off with breakfast and morning gathering at the Trump National Golf Course in Westchester, NY. The turnout was impressive with over 55 Lamborghinis present. Some of the notables were a Miura SV, Murcielago SV, 14 Aventadors, Countaches and many more.

The drive took the group up Taconic State Parkway, then across the Hudson river, south towards Bear Mountain and ended in Closter, NJ with a group luncheon.

20Oct, 2013

BullFest|2013 Fall Edition

A picture perfect NorthEast fall day greeted BullFest|2013 Fall Edition participants as they gathered at the Montammy Country Club in Alpine, NJ for breakfast. Colorful Lamborghinis quickly filled up the parking lot with enthusiastic owners snapping photos and getting ready for a nice morning drive through the beautiful fall foliage.

The drive took the group of 40+ Lamborghinis north towards the twisty mountain roads near Catskill and ended at the Gilded Otter restaurant in New Paltz, NY. A memorable day best enjoyed through pictures.

19May, 2013


Sometimes weather forecast can be so wrong! All week weather for Sunday showed a clear and sunny day, but on Sunday morning it was dark, cloudy and raining. Gloomy weather did not stop 30 Lamborghinis from getting together to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary and have a fun day out driving.

21Oct, 2012


BullFest|2012 Fall Edition attracted 44 Lamborghinis ranging from Countachs to the latest Aventadors. The day started with breakfast at a hotel in Tenefly, NJ, followed by a group drive to a location in Newburgh, NY. At the location the cars were directed to park in a formation to read 50. 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini so we decided to give Lamborghini an early present with a picture taken from a helicopter.

23Oct, 2011

BullFest|2011 Fall Edition

BullFest|2011 Fall Edition started near George Washington bridge and followed a scenic route for all participants to enjoy the fall foliage. The drive took the group to Monticello Motor Club, an exclusive racetrack in Monticello, NY where the participants were treated to paced laps around the track to get a taste then delicious lunch at the club house.