15May, 2011


BullFests have usually been lucky with weather over the years, but the 2011 edition was not so lucky. Generally if forecast shows bad weather there is a rain date that the event gets switched to, but this time Lamborghini’s legendary test driver Valentino Balboni was in town and everyone wanted to meet him.

24Oct, 2010

BullFest|2010 Fall Edition

BullFest|2010 Fall Edition started in NJ and went north following a scenic route enjoying the colorful scenery that is the fall foliage in the North East. Over 40 Lamborghini joined this event including 5 verde ithaca models. To get aerial pictures and videos a helicopter with a photographer on board followed the caravan throughout the drive. The event ended with group lunch at an airport runway where the participants were able to take their Lamborghinis on the runway and let them open up a bit.

16May, 2010


Over 55 Lamborghinis attended BullFest|2010 on a sunny and beautiful May Sunday. The morning activities included gathering at Ross Dock in Fort Lee, NJ for breakfast with GW Bridge and NYC skyline in the background. Legendary Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni also attended the event. As everyone was getting excited about the turnout we waited for the helicopter to arrive to accompany us on the drive with a photographer on board to take aerial shots.

19Jul, 2009


BullFest|2009 started in Englewood, NJ with breakfast at Executive Auto Storage. The weather was beautiful and more than 40 Lamborghinis joined the event. The route took the group through scenic twisty roads in lower Catskill and ended with lunch at Gilded Otter in New Paltz, NY.