15 Sep, 2013

DFC member breaks NYST lap record


Having enjoyed the track day at NYST very much in May, DFCers were eager to go back there before the end of the year to check out the improvements they had made at the track and try to better their lap times. One of the members Jerome brought his McLaren 12C to the track and

DFC member breaks NYST lap record2019-01-26T16:18:54+00:00
28 Jul, 2013

MeatPacking District NYC to BearMountain – Drive


Over 2 dozen DFCers took over the Meatpacking District in NYC on a warm summer Sunday morning. A couple of very special cars joined the usual array of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens etc –  a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport and a black Ferrari F50. After some morning coffee and pictures the group started the drive up the

MeatPacking District NYC to BearMountain – Drive2019-01-26T16:18:57+00:00
5 May, 2013

DFC Track Day at New York Safety Track


Driving Force Club was the first club ever to hold a track day at the newly built New York Safety Track in upstate NY. The track is about 3 hour drive north/west from Manhattan, it’s over 2 miles long with 18 corners and 450 ft of elevation changes. The track was not 100% complete yet,

DFC Track Day at New York Safety Track2019-01-26T16:18:57+00:00
28 Apr, 2013

Sunday Funday on the Runway 6 | VIDEO


Robert Perez, Heather Miracle and Evan Ross from Automotive Cinematography (website) attended Sunday Funday on the Runway and made a fantastic video covering the activities of the day.

Sunday Funday on the Runway 6 | VIDEO2019-01-26T16:18:57+00:00
23 Dec, 2012

Toy Drive to Autism Medical Center


During the holidays everyone gets in the spirit of giving. DFC is no exception and 2 days before Christmas we visited Autism Medical Center in Warren, NJ. Around 40 cars participated in this event by donating toys for the Center’s children and their siblings as well as displaying their cars for the children to sit

Toy Drive to Autism Medical Center2019-01-26T16:18:58+00:00
21 Oct, 2012



BullFest|2012 Fall Edition attracted 44 Lamborghinis ranging from Countachs to the latest Aventadors. The day started with breakfast at a hotel in Tenefly, NJ, followed by a group drive to a location in Newburgh, NY. At the location the cars were directed to park in a formation to read 50. 2013 marks the 50th anniversary

10 Oct, 2012

Columbus Day Parade


The organizers of the 68th Annual Columbus Day Parade in Manhattan decided to add some Italian cars to the parade that stretches almost the whole length of Fifth Avenue. Around 30 cars participated including many Driving Force Club members.

Columbus Day Parade2019-01-26T16:18:58+00:00
7 Oct, 2012

Rally For a Cure ’12


Ferrari Long Island organized a charity drive starting from their dealership and ending at La Villa Restaurant on 5th Ave in Brooklyn, NY. The event was benefiting The Julien Collot Foundation. Due to rain the turnout was less than expected but the event was still successful.

Rally For a Cure ’122019-01-26T16:18:58+00:00
9 Sep, 2012

4th Annual Gold Coast Concours


Gold Coast Concours is a big charity car show organized by Martino Auto Concepts in downtown Glen Cove in Long Island, NY. The whole downtown area gets shut down and hundreds of cars ranging from BMWs and modified imports to Enzos and race cars take over to provide a spectacle for hundreds of visitors.

4th Annual Gold Coast Concours2019-01-26T16:18:58+00:00
22 Jul, 2012

DFC Track Day at Monticello Motor Club


Monticello Motor Club is an exclusive and private racetrack located in Monticello, NY. They were gracious enough to invite a group of Driving Force Club members to experience the track on a beautiful summer day. The long and challenging track is a one of a kind and all DFC members thoroughly enjoyed the day pushing

DFC Track Day at Monticello Motor Club2019-01-26T16:18:58+00:00