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Over the course of only five years, McLaren has made a huge impact on the supercar scene and made the fantasy of owning a McLaren a reality for many car enthusiasts.

As the brand grows – the community follows, and what better way to enjoy your McLaren than to meet and drive with fellow owners. For the last decade, Driving Force Club has produced dedicated Lamborghini events in the form of @BullFest, and now, building on that experience and success, we are proud to introduce McLaren Drive!

This McLaren only event will begin with breakfast and time to appreciate each other’s British Beasts. A custom route will feature an abundance of open highway stretches and scenic twisty roads (exact details will only be disclosed to registered participants). Our final destination will be the beautiful Mohonk Mountain House where attendees will enjoy a group lunch and have an opportunity to tour the grounds.

So if you’ve got a McLaren in the garage (or can borrow, rent, or steal one) then register now!

For sponsorship inquiries, other questions or further details to help you plan the day please contact


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