3 May, 2015

Sunday Funday on the Runway 10


10th Edition of the DFC Runway Event brought together 80 cars on a beautiful sunny day. A fantastic start to the driving season as DFCers took turns making passes on the runway, taking photos with the flag girls and enjoying each others company.

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26 Apr, 2015

NYIT Charity Car Show 2015


Second year in a row DFC members participated in a car show put together by the students of NYIT benefiting Wounded Warrior Project. The day started with breakfast at Kitchen Kabaret, followed by a drive to Captree State Park and concluded in Old Westbury at the NYIT campus.

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19 Apr, 2015

Drive & Show for a Hero 2015


DFC member Mike Breen and his wife Melissa put together this event in honor of a good friend of theirs USMC Sgt. Christopher Hrbek. He was killed in the Middle East while on his 4th tour there. In his memory the family set up a scholarship fund and DFCers joined the event to help raise

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12 Apr, 2015

First Drive of 2015


Another long and cold winter in New York kept DFCers indoors and the cars tucked away in garages. As weather forecast promised a sunny day for April 12th over 40 members took their cars out to join DFC’s First Drive of 2015.

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1 Mar, 2015

BullFest|2015 MIAMI Edition


With bellowing exhausts, iconic bodywork, and searing rainbow hues, nothing quite fits the supercar moniker like a Lamborghini.  Seeing just one on the street is a rare treat, but when dozens of Lambos unite, it can only be the circus of rolling wonderment that is BullFest.

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3 Jan, 2015

Satin Cerulean Blue McLaren P1


Being one of only 375 McLaren P1s ever made is already rare enough, but this particular example is finished in a one off color called Satin Cerulean Blue. It’s matte, but has metal/silver flakes which make the color pop under bright sunlight.

Satin Cerulean Blue McLaren P12019-01-26T16:18:52+00:00
27 Dec, 2014

B&W Collection


On a very bright December morning a DFC member brought out some of his toys for a quick photoshoot in front of his house. The collection includes a Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari Speciale, Mercedes SLS Black Series, Mercedes SL65 Black Series and a Porsche 991 Turbo S.

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5 Dec, 2014

Porsche Twins


DFC members Brandon and Lukas got together for a morning photoshoot of these 2 beauties: 1970 & 1987 Porsche 911s. The amount of custom work that has gone into these cars is amazing, but what’s important is that both see regular use both on and off the area’s racetracks.

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9 Nov, 2014

Long Island Drive


McLaren/Aston Martin Long Island hosted DFC for a breakfast on a sunny November morning before the group departed for a drive towards Ocean Parkway and Captree. The turnout included Lamborghinis, McLarens, Ferraris, Porsches, a freshly delivered BMW i8 and even a Keonigsegg CCXRS!

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26 Oct, 2014

Supercars & Fighter Jet


What would a perfect birthday present for a gearhead consist of? A morning drive in your Lamborghini? The Lamborghini drive with a group of 30 friends in their cars? How about the drive ending up in an airport with a high performance Aero L-39 Albatros jet waiting to take you for a ride?

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