All corners of automotive exotica were in attendance on Sunday June 29th as Ferraris, Lamborghini’s, Porsche’s, McLarens, etc. and even hypercars like an SSC Aero, Mosler, and Bugatti Veryon met at Alan Wilzig’s incredible Manor in upstate New York.

Alan was generous enough to invite DFC to his hidden petrolhead’s utopia for a day of racing on his private track. Coloring the event with special significance and meaning, DFC was there not only to enjoy the facility but also to raise money for Camp Sundown. Alan spoke with gratitude as we were informed of the success of this year’s fundraiser, doubling last year with more than $40,000 donated and reminded us of the true purpose of this outing. The event was a celebration much in the regard that Camp Sundown aims to help children celebrate their lives. The money raised from our day at the Manor will go to ensuring that children afflicted with XP can still experience all the joy and vibrancy any summer day can offer. Camp Sundown is particularly compelling because the results of the fundraising are real and tangible. While research and medicine are extremely important, what makes childhood so precious is the sheer fun and adventure that Camp Sundown endeavors to engender into the lives of children who don’t have an easy opportunity to experience it.

Fitting for the cause, DFC’s day was nothing if not an incredibly good time, starting with a few amazing laps around the track. Like a snake of Skittles as viewed from the camera drone, the track was filled to the brim as all of DFC ceremoniously marked the start of the event with everyone going round the track together.

Splitting up into sessions, DFC members had the opportunity to experience their vehicles on the track going round corners inspired by the best road courses in the world. It was amazing to experience such a thrill outside of the formalities of a commercial track.

McLaren Long Island was in attendance to make the day even more surreal, offering rides in the Mclaren MP4-12C and 650S, which made their way round the track in a manner as violent and precise as a military weapon. The brand’s formula one design ethos is evidently clear, serving to admonish and quiet those who claim they lack the emotion of a certain prancing horse.

When not barreling around the track, guests were free to luxuriate in the beautiful garage facility, providing food, drinks, and an A/C escape from the very hot weather. Countless motorcycles were on display, and you’d more easily find Higgs boson sitting around than the collection of super rare Bimotas, Benellis, Cavigas, Ducatis and more on display. On the automotive front, Alan debuted his freshly painted Lotus 2-Eleven, featuring all the latest racing wizardry to provide a singularity of focus more compelling than a hunger-striking monk.

It took a lot of willpower to leave the Wilzig Manor and head back home after having such an incredible time. Beyond anything, it was an amazing privilege to be invited and to support a cause as worthy and real as Camp Sundown, with the private racetrack serving as incredibly special icing on the preverbal cake. The generosity of Alan and the entire Wilzig family is impossible to express in the written word, and the experience of DFC’s day at the Manor will certainly go down as one of our most memorable and special events, to say the absolute least.

Article by DFC member Jason Struhl

Enjoy select few photos by Inno Photo & JDS Photos, for more click here and here.


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